We offer Boxing classes, boot camps and personal training for all age group like for Kids/Adult/Women.We offer Boxing classes, boot camps and personal training for all age group like for Kids/Adult/Women.

Experience the Boxer’s Workout

You will easily burn up to 1,000 calories with the KNOCKOUT boxer’s workout. During the boxing session you will work through traditional 3-minute rounds of heart pumping fun with a 1- minute rest in between rounds. A typical boxing workout includes warm-ups, shadowboxing, heavy bag, speed bag, jump rope, mitt work, the all important calisthenics (boxers count on it for endurance!), and stomach work.

For first-timer, the equipment is free of charge. Hand wraps and gloves are available for purchase at Knocout boxing clubs Janakpuri- West Delhi & Lajpat Nagar- South Delhi, India. We offer results driven workouts and specialize in the KNOCKOUT boxer’s workout. The potential to have fun while such boxing training and trust builder so our clients keep coming back.

Knockout Boxing Gyms: Whether you prefer one-on-one training, circuit workouts or boot camp, whatever you decide, know that you will walk out knowing you passed the test. One time you gave yourself totally.

Boot Camp – Intensive, and rigorous course of training. Ready for an intense, calorie-burning, challenge – test yourself? Then you’re ready for the Knockout Boxing Boot Camp. The Knockout Boxing Combat Boot Camp utilizes high intensity interval boxing training, suspension movements, kettle bells, dumbbells and kickboxing.

Elite training – Elite training concentrates on the skills of the elite boxer. We spar and work on offensive and defensive drills which include mitt training and ball drills. View the schedule for Elite Training times.

Professional Athletes

Knockout Boxing & Fitness has the reputation of training some of the top athletes located in Janakpuri-West Delhi & Lajpat Nagar-South Delhi area. Boxing provides a good source of cross-training for any specific sport. It works the core while also focusing on balance, footwork and eye-hand coordination. A few of the athletes those who are playing international level that have trained at KNOCKOUT Boxing & Fitness.

Personal Training – Personal training/lessons is truly personalized to what your goals are. 30 minutes of mitt work? 30 minutes of strength training? You got it. Don’t have a one & half hour to commit? That’s okay. 60 minute boxing sessions are available. It’s about you. For boxing coaching call or visit us for a complimentary consultation. Change starts with you.