Question: Can I train at your academy without any prior experience?
Answer: YES, absolutely! We have specially designed programs for beginners to help get you started, before progressing to the next level. We are a family oriented environment that caters to all levels.
Question: How long it will take to get myself fit?
Answer: It will take four months. You should join our mixed martial arts training any time for 60 minutes classes, 3 Days per week only. It’s enough. We believe in giving our clients the best possible!
Come experience the world of life-transforming strength.
Question: Is your training center for pro fighters only?
Answer: No. We teach kids, teens, and adults of all levels. We are open to everybody!
Question: What age do you start training children?
Answer: We start training kids as young as 3 years of age.
They will be part of our “Little Ninja’s” program.
Question: What are your membership rates?
We prefer you come in, or call for an appointment. We will be happy to give you a free no-hassle tour of our martial arts academy and go over the programs and membership options that best fit your needs. Our membership rates are very reasonable and affordable to all. We offer family plans, as well as law enforcement discounts.
Question: Do you have a trial period to check out your classes?
Answer: Yes, we do! We offer a 1-week trial for Rs.1000/- only which includes a Free Boxing bandage. This is for local residents and first time customers only.
Question: Who are your instructors and what are their credentials?
Answer: Our instructors are highly credentialed Black Belts, with many years of training and teaching experience. Our striking instructors are also highly qualified, with many years of coaching and real-time experience in organizations such as the national & international championship, among others. Another benefit is they are full-time instructors who really care about your goals.
Question: I’m from out of town. Can I train at your martial arts training center?
Answer: Absolutely Yes! Our drop-in rates to train in our adult classes are:
Daily Rs.300/-, Weekly Rs. 1000/-, or Monthly Rs. 3000.
Question: Do you offer any live in type of accommodations at the training center?
Answer: Sorry, we do not offer any live in accommodations at this time.
Question: I’m coming from out of town. Where do you recommend I stay?
Answer: We have so many PG and hostels, which is located right next to our academy!
Question: Where can I find the Knockout academy nearest me?
Answer: Please click the center page at the top of the website, then Facilities and scroll down.
All the contact information is listed there for you. Each academy is individually owned and operated. Please check directly with the academy you are interested in training at for more info on their programs and classes.
Question: What are the benefits of training at Knockout academy in Delhi.?
  • World Class Instruction – I can’t stress enough the high level of instruction and training you will receive here at the academy.
  • Structured Curriculum For All Classes
  • Realistic Training – Self Defense
  • Offering More Classes Than Any Other Academy
  • Increased Self-Confidence Stress Reliever
  • Burn Calories and Lose Weight
  • Increase Flexibility and Core Strength
  • A Proven Track Record of Success in ALL Our Programs and Kids Classes
Question: How can I get started?
Answer: Simple. Just call for an appointment at: +919999-053-185 or feel free to stop by anytime we are open 7 Days.

Our Hours of Operation are:

Morning: 7 am – 11 am

Evening: 3 pm – 10 pm
Question: What should I follow in my first class?
Answer: We will be expecting new students for their first class and will answer any questions. However, the following are several tips for the first day:

Arrive 5-10 minutes early

  • Generally it’s best to go ahead and have your martial arts uniform on when you arrive, as it’s one less thing to do on your first day. However, if needed, you are welcome to change in the back changing rooms or bathrooms.
  • You will need to remove shoes and socks prior to class, we will show you where to put them. The instructor will let you know when you may enter the Dojo (workout) floor.
  • Class will be challenging but FUN! Don’t worry about making mistakes there are no mistakes if one learns from them (it’s normal and all part of learning Mixed Martial Arts). Feel free to ask questions, we encourage them.
  • Carry your face towel and water bottle.
  • For any additional questions please email us at: jksmma@gmail.com
  • Thank you and we hope to see you on the mats soon!