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Kung fu Classes For Kids – Martial arts training can be an important tool for the development of social and physical skills in children. They become more disciplined and tolerant while forming their bodies in the skill of kung fu. In KNOCKOUT Kung Fu Classes, children learn to protect and defend themselves and others. Kung fu training will make them physically strong and flexible while increasing their confidence and self esteem.

Children’s classes are open to everyone starts from 3 years and older. Here, they learn discipline, integrity, perseverance, self-control, respect, responsibility, and patience. Interaction with other peers allows friendships begin. Students of KNOCKOUT Kung Fu learn to respect each other and the trainer. Many times, academic performance and behavior of the child at home shows improvement after training in our program.

Mr. JK Singh is very patient and has a fun personality that allows it to connect with kids. Because of his personality, he is able to keep the children interested and concentrated as they learn. He personally teaches and demonstrates forms and techniques of martial arts to his students. This method of teaching allows him to develop a special bond with each student can progress more effectively with students.

KNOCKOUT Kung Fu Schools offers a harmonious atmosphere and encouraging cheer shy students to open in the class and become more sociable. Because students practice together, they become more aware of their surroundings. The variety of exercises and activities gets in shape and prepares them for future challenges they may encounter. Our goal is to keep them active and working towards a happy and healthy life while teaching them the ancient art of Kung Fu styles.

KNOCKOUT Kung Fu lessons is widely regarded as a children’s activity, however, it is so broad in its functions it is suitable for people of all ages. Many teens and adults train in KNOCKOUT Kung Fu training center for self defense, fitness, stress relief, self-confidence, coordination and balance, and awareness of the mind- body co-ordination. Our Kung fu academy are located in Lajpat Nagar- South Delhi and Janakpuri- West Delhi; India.

Kung fu For Teens – Our programs provide teens with self-confidence and focus they need to succeed in today’s world. With a safe and supportive learning environment, teens will develop perseverance, goal setting, honor, discipline, teamwork, and learn important life lessons along the path. Teens find our Kung Fu program to be very energetic, motivated, and consistently challenging. Students enjoy our workouts and the friendships that are made while training with students of our kung fu school.

Kung fu Clubs for Adults – Our adult classes are structured with the busy schedule of today’s professionals in mind. In our kung fu coaching; we offer a variety of courses every day and evening throughout the week as well as during the whole day on weekends. Adult courses consist of basic skills such as open hand forms, the forms of self-defense, and San Da (Chinese kick boxing). Initial skill training focuses on basic moves Kung Fu including striking, kicking, jumping, defensive / offensive