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Mixed Martial Arts-MMA Delhi – Mixed Martial Arts is a combine training of MMA submission, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Judo, Wrestling & Gymnastics. MMA is the ultimate, the most effective, and the most comprehensive combat style out there. Incorporating any kind of martial arts, the phases in MMA training and competition generally fall into two categories: striking phase & grappling phase. In this class, students will learn to incorporate the combination of striking and grappling techniques simultaneously with the end goal being able to remain effective in all phases of combat at our center.

Knockout Self-Defense – The most effective, real world, self-defense system.

Worldwide, we teach street self-defense training:

Punches, elbows, knees and kicks

Defenses against various strikes, chokes, and weapons

Realistic training drills

KNOCKOUT self defense training is the official hand-to-hand combat system. Its quick counter-attacks and brutal offensive techniques make it the ideal fighting style for dangerous and unexpected situations. Self defense is not a traditional martial arts style, but a revolutionary self-defense program. No katas; No rituals.

Self defense classes based on simple principles and instinctive movements, this reality-based system is designed to teach extremely effective self-defense courses in the shortest possible time. Learn to defend against common chokes, grabs, and strikes as well as more serious threats involving sticks and sticks. The instructors at KNOCKOUT teach people how to function during the stress and shock of a sudden, violent encounter. Our KNOCKOUT self defense academy located in Janakpuri- West Delhi and Lajpat Nagar- South Delhi; India.

Self Defense for Girl/Women: Our mission is to prepare our students for any and all dangerous situations. Knockout’s practical approach to self-defense will make you safer and more secure. Try a self-defense course today and witness the changes in your mind and body.

Self Defense Levels:

Level 1

This entry-level class is designed for all new students. The goal of the self defense class is to teach the basics of fighting tips. Students will learn fighting stance and movement, various punches, kicks from standing position as well as from on the ground, elbows and knees, how to self defense and how to defend against punches, chokes, headlocks and wrist grabs. KNOCKOUT students who train an average of two to three times per week should expect to complete the curriculum in three months before grading for KNOCKOUT Level 1.

Level 2 (Yellow Belt Students)

In this intermediate level class, students will continue to review and hone the skills learned in KNOCKOUT. Level 1, as well as learn additional punches and kicks, punch defenses with counterattacks, kick defenses, and defenses against various chokes, headlocks, and bear hugs. Technical elements such as distance, timing, and alternative targeting are introduced in this level. Students who train an average of two to three times per week should expect to complete the curriculum for this level in three months before grading for KNOCKOUT Level-2.

Level 3 (Orange Belt Students)

This intermediate class sharpens the basic self defense techniques and allows students to expand their knowledge of attacks and defenses. In KNOCKOUT Level 3 students will continue to train on strikes, defenses against strikes, self protection or self-defense, including more advanced techniques that involve defending against weapons such as guns and sticks. Students who train two to three times per week should expect to be eligible to grade for KNOCKOUT Level 4 in four months.

Level 4 (Green Belt Students)

This class was designed by Shihan JK Singh specifically for more advanced students interested broadening their skill sets. In addition to the tactics and techniques learned in previous levels, students will encounter higher threat weapon defenses, deal with attacks from multiple opponents, and learn more advanced ground fighting skills (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). Students who train two to three times per week should expect to be eligible to grade for KNOCKOUT Level 5 in Six months.

Level 5 (Blue Belt Students)

This class is for advanced students only and covers all of the advanced curriculum including fighting, ground fighting (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), advanced self-defense, all weapons defenses, and third party protection. This self-defense course is comprised of some of our more skilled KNOCKOUT fighters.

Level 6 (Brown Belt Students)

This class will teach defenses against a variety of armed and unarmed attacks relevant to peace officers. Use of force issues will be incorporated into the training. Our self defense class is designed to help you develop their skills and learn self defense on a practical level.