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Shihan J.K.Singh

Black Belt 6th Dan
Mixed Martial Arts & Karate Expert.
Knock Out Martial Arts & Fitness Foundation-Director
International Referee & Judge

We are a family oriented environment that caters to all levels. Trained over lakhs of people in New Delhi & India. 26 years experiences in learning & sharing knowledge of different form of martial arts classes like: Karate, Mixed Martial Arts-MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-BJJ, Muay thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Kung-fu, Tai-chi, Gymnastics, and Martial Arts Weapons.

He went to the Buddha Temple to learn Martial Arts when he was 8 years old and studied there until the age of 21. During this time he learned some different form of Martial arts. He learns combat techniques up to the age of 17 when he began to study the internal martial arts. A few years later he travelled in India to share knowledge with different masters of different styles and also teach and spread the Martial Arts is a way of life, and it is not exclusively for learning to fight but a journey as well. He has spent 22 years for Practicing the Martial arts and last 17 years, teaching to students who wish to learn Martial arts. He is known for his decorous behaviour that is the salient feature of his success. His institutions look like a flower filled garden for the student. He easily creates an environment with enthusiasm that’s become easy for student to learn Martial Arts. During the training session he is very strict, punctual & hard working. He always feels, it is an onerous task to make his students champion & he proved it, so many times. He has practical and easy way to teach the skills.

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He always co-operates to promote Martial Arts. In Our Institution we always try to encourage the students so that he/she can be strong in self defence, self confidence & to make a person physically and mentally strong, to face the world in which we all are living. Success is not a dream, it is our right. We suggest how to get it through the hard work & Smart thought.

In 1997 during the Dragon martial arts tournament he came first in the 50kg open fighting categories where the competitors are allowed to fight with the style of their choice. He also took part in many other competitions and got good achievement. When he went to Delhi in 2008 and joined the Shito Ryu. Mr. Singh got a chance to learn from many international martial arts experts and improve his knowledge in Mixed Martial Arts-MMA, Grappling, & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; forms of full contact.

Shihan J.K. Singh is currently the administrative director & founder of Knock Out Martial Arts & Fitness Foundation and technically qualified Instructor in New Delhi. He is trying to promote martial art among the people of Delhi, India, especially the younger generation. He is also a International Referee & Judge and holding the 7th degree of black belt international. This site is a property of Shihan J.K. Singh. This is made possible only through their good wishes and grace of our students. Knock Out also published 1 software to help student to check his profile, attendance, championship details, any other event details and more on the website and 1 more website that is